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Casa Miller

Live the best experience in the heart of Panama

Hotel Casa Miller was acquired in MCMX created as a place for Antillean immigrants who worked in the Panama Canal zone, a place for the pleasures of the table, to be with friends and above all a place to live.

Welcome to the Hotel Casa Miller

The best season to visit us
and enjoy our activities?

Hotel Casa Miller is a place where we provide various functions for the fun of our guests.
We have a Gourmet Restaurant, Impressive views from the terrace, nightlife so you can enjoy the best cocktails in the country, Live DJ to enjoy the best music and enjoy a good party with friends, Pool to cool off after a good sunbath in our beautiful folding chairs and above all live shows by different national and international artists.

Rooftop pool

The pools were places where you could swim and keep fish. Of this civilization, the Roman baths stand out, places that were intended for baths and were meeting points.

Cleopatra Restaurant

Food is much more than meals. That's why Casa Miller has taken a unique approach to dining, one that allows guests to embrace the country's vibrant food culture just as they would if they were staying at a friend's house.

Our Suites

The best rooms in the entire country with every detail carefully reviewed, having unmatched elegance and above all covering all your needs,

Cleopatra rooftop

Apart from having the best rooms in the country we also offer Nightlife, Rooftop Bars & Nightclubs.
After an intense day we will give you a unique experience with our unmatched and uncopyable essence, enjoy the best national and international drinks and let's not forget the most exotic cocktails that you can try only here at Hotel Casa Miller

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