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We have a variety of drinks anda cocktails, the cocktails you want we create instantly, come and enjoy our good service but above all our terrace which has different activities to please our guest

Apart from having the best rooms in the country we also offer Nightlife, Rooftop Bars & Nightclubs.After an intense day we will give you a unique experience with our unmatched and uncopyable essence, enjoy the best national and international drinks and let's not forget the most exotic cocktails that you can try only here at Hotel Casa Miller


Cleopatra roof, it is another world once the lights of planet Earth go out, apart from the good atmosphere it is a beauty to observe the beautiful colors once the night arrives, come to enjoy these beautiful views and don't miss out.

Cleopatra is not just a place to drink, it is a world open to activities and parties, we also organize birthdays, private parties, events with national and international artists, Cleopatra will always be a first class place when it comes to pleasing the guest.

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